Ciro Pedrini

Engineering student in information systems at National Technological University.

  • Location: Rosario, Santa Fé, Argentina
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +54 341 15-3188-464


Ciro Pedrini is a programmer & developer.

From child he was fascinated for computers and since his father's job treats with them he used computers since he were a child. At the age of 13 him discovered the world of programming, and since then he continually do programming as a pleasant activity.

Resides in Rosario where he studies, alone, but he manages to travel almost every weekend to his family's home in the town.

His hobbies are principally to play PC games, watch movies & series, listen his music favorite bands and the programming itself.

My skills

I primarily use Python and C# .NET, but picking up a new framework or language isn't a problem, i am always anxious for learn something new. I have extensive programming experience and am comfortable with the developing on the front-end or back-end as well as setting up, managing and maintain the infrastructure.

Main areas of expertise

Backend development: My best skills are in .NET and its associated platform stack, but i am anyways good skilled in PHP and Django, in conjunction with DBs such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. I'm comfortable with using all of this tools for all sort of projects, like: full CMS websites, database-driven web applications, REST-driven front-end applications and simple CRUD applications.

Frontend development: I'm glad to write plain old Javascript or use many of the popular frontend libraries & frameworks out there, especially jQuery. I like to put all together to make compliant, clean, maintainable and responsive HTML5 & CSS3 templates for the clients.

Infrastructure: I manage numerous servers for client projects as well as my own personal site and apps. I have experience with setup, deployment, provisioning and daily maintenance of full server stacks. I like to platforms such as Digital Ocean, preferably with Fedora's Linux distribution.

I’ve used various flavors of Linux on the desktop: Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu… In the end I realized that once the OS is set up and configured, I spend most of my time in bash and they are all pretty much the same, I still prefers Arch Linux anyways.

Desing and UX: There are some people which are designers and programmers, i am just a program developer.

Works as employee

List of works made while working in Informatica Alcorta as developer.


Institutional web site with various contents, among other things allows to view and pay bills online.

Built on top of Windows's stack, including Umbraco's framework for easy developing.

Technologies in use: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, ASP.NET C# and SQL Server.

Freelancer works

List of works made while working as freelancer.


Ecommerce web site.

Works includes: Web scraping and DB's data manipulation. Also coded WP template modifications and a plugin for easy import of custom values on WooCommerce WP plugin.

Migration to a private Apache web server, configuration using virtual hosts.

Built on EC2 instance, Ubuntu OS, PostgreSQL for database and PHP for server side language. Also S3 instance for keeping catalogue images.

Technologies in use: Linux, Apache, Wordpress, HTML5, PHP, Python and PostgreSQL.

Independent/personal projects

Personal projects done in my freetime.

Android L CM port

Port Android based Cyanogenmod OS to Samsung Galaxy S Advance device.

Making a stable port merging propietary blobs with CM base code.

Technologies in use: Android itself, Linux, C/C++, Java, Bash and Python.

IRC bot

Bot for IRC server with embedded commands for use with eRepublik's game.

Used as a project to learn Python, socket manipulation & IRC's basics. Also I used this to learn about the Websockets, since this uses it for create a server and communicate with a Greasemonkey's script to join with the internal chat of the game.

Technologies in use: Python, IRC, Websockets, GreaseMonkey and Javascript.


Here are the slides from my presentations that i've used in the past.

AJAX slide

Presentation made together with Lucas Allegri for the college's assignment: Tecnologías de Desarrollo de Software IDE.

This covers from the very basic of AJAX to some sorts of implementations of .NET framework available in 2005.


Here i have listed various free software that I have developed for my works or personal projects.

WooCommerce Product Shortlinks Importer

Plugin for Wordpress that can be used in conjunction with "WooCommerce" for the import of large csv files with "short_link" column.

Since files could be incredibly long, this uses AJAX to upload the lines to the DB in groups of queries.

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